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The immediately feeling very difficult is feeling and penitence.
Down to date morning, the Zhi son thinks of this matter, the in the mind still has some pimple.
"Hum!I must be careful some be.This kind of Tian in the metropolis have no sense of shame of man many of is ??"
In a little while, the Zhi son then forgot this man, and then thought of another matter.
"Oh,Stivali UGG!I see those three people very to meet in the hall at 10:00, now almost too late, also slowly think that the east thinks to be western here."
?????????????????,UGG Classic Short????????????????????????
The Zhi son is just preparing from the bathtub in stand up of time,UGG Classic Short, outside of the door be suddenly opened, the morrow has an individual to walk into a locker room.
"Who?Is a teacher?"
But locker room that has no answer, there is a dark shadow on the frosted glass door that see an of bathroom and locker room is rocking.
"Who ??BE who in the outside?"
The Zhi son asked once again, but the other party still don't answer.Zhi Zi feels very frightened and cans not helps the whole individual hiding into bathtub and embracing a towel before chest.
Although she steeps in the hot water, but she pretty much fears because of the at heart, whole body continuously rise chicken skin pimple.
???????????????????????????????,????612,UGG Classic Cardy?
The person who gets into inside in the locker room after doing not know to do what again silently open a door to go out.
Zhi son this just loosenned tone, hurriedly from the bathtub in jump out, then try to open that.
"Hum!Exactly is who have no so courtesy?Don't see as well'use in'of does the brand intrude into?"
Zhi son one side whispers, a side is wiped to do body with the big bath towel.When she is just wanting to take out an underwear from the wardrobe, the whole individual but jelly live the ground stand at first move not get.
The noodles mirror that originally insets in the wall ascends unexpectedly several quite a fews to go a red word, and still writes with the lipstick of Zhi son.
The Zhi son the hard way reads these fascinating flourishes in dancing red words-
Zhi son!
The quick time island goes up!
Come to Tokyo to live isn't an easy matter, because you were nearby full of bloody flavor.
The your mother is also such ??
Zhi son!
The quick time island goes up!
Don't step one more island one step.

9.??? ?????????
9.The queen Feng chapter 8 dyes the racket of blood
Niao generation simultaneously pares an apple, part gently call.
Now is 11:00 A.M., the moderate breezes in May light and softly once blew a spacious living room.
"What matter?"
The big way temple Xin builds to sit on the rattan chair of hallway, lets go of the newspaper in the hand and becomes overdo to come to looking at Niao generation.
Sees the Niao generation lowering the head to pare an apple to say:"The spoilt daughter of a rich family doesn't know is how?"
"Zhi son?Why to say so?"
"I always feel that her complexion isn't so good."
"My pouring is to don't notice.I think probably being the relation of travel weariness from overwork!"
"Probably!But, I think that that is much more than tired.Because she suddenly becomes a bit silent, and still often dazes ??"
"Moved Tokyo from the lute island, to her environment variety a lot too big, you just left a lute island the time here is to me, not is also so?Think that the east thinks west all day long of and harm I also follow strain."
???????????????????????,UGG Australia?
Niao generation slice a good apple to put in the plate, and then enclose with ivory fork.
"If is such, certainly all right.But she

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Divide while having already approached dawn while coming to.The light in the building is bright, originally be alongside of the silver lying to build, the facial expression stares at a gold farmland very dignifiedly one face, gold farmland one Leng for a while, flurried sit.
"Big uncle, how ??what is the row?"
"I seem to hear what voice, the good elephant is the voice that turns piano Xian ?? probably dream also perhaps ??"
2 people sit to concentrate like this quiet listen to, but didn't hear what specially strange voice, in the all is quiet, unique hear of is the water cart voice of rhythm regulation.
"Is big ??big uncle!"
Gold farmland one tooth bites Luo to make to ring ring, the voice has, low dumb ask a way:"The day before yesterday evening ??when the homicide case take place also hear a water cart voice?"
"Water cart voice ??"
The silver builds Ya however ground to look at a gold farmland a.
"H'm, the good elephant once heard ??quite good, really heard ??used to listen to that kind of orotund at that time,UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots, so had no a special attention.But ?? !"
The musical sound again rings out, tinkling dingdong dingdong ??then is the voice that with sudden force turns all piano Xians ??
2 people almost spring up at the same time and start wearing a shirt.
"Is damned!What a mess ??"
The gold farmland simultaneously wears clothes side the low voice is self-reproach.
???????????,??????278????????????????????????????????????????????,??????452??????????????????,UGG Classic Short?????????????????????????????????
Last night gold farmland a just sleep very late.The Ji Chuan explores to grow photograph with don't burn away of the diary deliver, he also goes fetch book of diary and photo album from the den by himself, had been checking till around 12:00, then again saw some detective stories that go fetch from the den, always respond after 2:00 A.M., otherwise while going to bed sharp of he can't thus nervous.
"Big uncle, what time is it?"
"At the right moment at 4:30, and last time the case delivered of time homology."
2 people quickly wear good clothes and open to hide rain window and go toward outside on seeing, the weather of the little more than heavy mist, in fog ambiguously it is thus clear that before leading to the firewood door of being partial to the hospital,??????1328, there are two shadow of human figures that pull and drag mutually, still hear man's condemning and the voice of sobbing of girl at the same time.That is good to lie and bell son.
"How?What matter did the bell son take place?"
The silver builds to run up to left for, the voice is very scathing.
"The sleepwalking disease of the bell son good elephant went into action again."
"Just not!I am to do obeisance to the fiesta the grave of jade, I just have no sleepwalking disease!"
The bell son took out to answer ground to cry again.
"Is good to lie a Sir, you didn't hear just of voice?"
??????????????????????????????????,UGG Classic Tall??
"Hear, so just run to here, but discover that the bell sub- facial expression faintly walks and frightenned a to greatly jump."
At this time, Long two ran to come over with fasten son knife ever since that time in fog.
"Is good to lie over there?,UGG Classic Cardy, Bell son also at, three Langs how?Have a person to see him?"
"He is probably sleeping?"
"He isn't on the bed, I hear that voice, go first to call to come to three Langs ??"
"Gold farmland one Sir?"Long two ask a way.
The vision that the silver builds while shuttling in the heavy mist, but hear a gold farmland a is being partial to a hospital to loudly yell:
??????????,UGG Boots???????
"Is quick to make the person seek a doctor, two Langs he ??"
The next voice is covered by the heavy mist to can not hear clearly.
"Three Langs were killed!"
The gold farmland degree yells again and again, the owners all stunned.Fasten the gusset Yan that the son knife self-uses a nightgown eyes to sadly weep aloud.
"Mama, I arrive there

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The process explained to be lured.Smiling to be just bulge is red face, don't shed tears.
"So that's why.To, madam."
"You may listen to your elder brother once say,UGG Classic Argyle Knit, this police officer of Ji Chuan is from the past have very deep question to Zhao and seven years that legal case, he doubts to be killed of person be not'the soup of the turtle'of the source cure Lang, but boon farmland."
"This affair I just listenned to the elder brother once saying."
"Do you feel?"
"This kind of affair asks me, I ain't clear either.However, he will now and completely lose a line of Zong, I think of to also feel very strange now."
Smile to peep out a timid look in the eyes.
Ren gift the Jia Be even to explore a body to come out to say:
"The police officer of Ji Chuan, murderer is who not all similar?"
"Is similar?"
"Even if what what to be killed is a boon farmland, kill people to escape BE'the soup of the turtle'of the source cure Lang, so source's curing Lang will be from now on obscure, isn't also oddness very?"
"Jia even Sir, this is different."
Gold farmland one Geng helps tone gently in response to the way.
"What different?"
"The police was the boon farmland as a murderer at that time, list as wanted him completely,金田一探案集483,UGG Classic Short, so if the source cures Lang is the words of murderer, send forth into the murderer portrait, photograph of whole country totally wrong.In this way, murderer if the source cure Lang, he escapes very easily."
"!So that's why."
Ren gift the Jia is even if have a Wu location to nod to say:
"So, the police officer of Ji Chuan from when start doubting that the murderer probably is it the source that cures Lang?"
"Three months or four months after being a case hair probably.The movements of boon farmland became a riddle at that time, did I just start doubting that the person who couldn't be killed at that time is that the boon farmland is several three?"
"Grind a Chuan police officer have never sent a person at that time search source to cure the movements of Lang?"
"I was still young at that time, the post wasn't high.At investigate meeting in I suggested this opinion, but the others ignored.If I could have the photograph that a source cures Lang at that time, probably canned also think a way, but I connected an all have no ……"
",UGG Classic Mini!"
Gold farmland one Geng helps to in astonishment turn head to looking at the police officer of Ji Chuan to say:
"You connect a source to cure the photographs of Lang all have no?"
"That isn't this the oddness very?The source cures Lang at Kobe is one really popular movie side white announcer, how can even a photograph all have no?"
"Be because so, would connect a photographs to all have no.Source's curing the parents of Lang is very virtuous persons, own son at be movie side white announcer, they feel very shameful, therefore, while coming back here, they burned down all photographs."
"It is so."
Gold farmland one Geng after helping contemplates a long time suddenly looking at to smile schools to say:
"Have you ever been Kobe once seeing the source curing Lang?"
"Have no, once all have no."
"What I said is to directly meet, but because the relation of same village have ever listenned to his movie explaining?"
  “没有。金田一先生,UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots,我根本不可能去听。”
"Have no.The gold farmland is one Sir, my root isn't likely to listen to."
"Be just like the police officer of Ji Chuan to say of,UGG Classic Angry Knit, 'the soup of the turtle'the executive of preceding generation is a very virtuous person, son at be movie to wear

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Certainly want to bump to break him before the chest rib.The Mo ? is anti- to round leaf Wei to want to ease to bump shot of dint, leaf Wei fluently puts forth effort a way to let go of toward his temple a , the Mo ? is shot a moment,Moncler Pas Cher, she takes off trap but, back the furious wind inherit, she suddenly anti- body, fist mutually to, crest the fist that live Mo ? .
Woman and man there is great difference on the strength, she is so malicious to extremely fight force with force, dangerous spot one earthquake becomes numb, the sea breeze roars and shouts under can clearly hear bone Luo the Luo make to ring of voice.
He is malicious, she is more malicious.
Mo ? eyes dangerous one Mi, the cold long grass rises, if the double Zhang flies dynasty she inherit, leaf Wei repeatedly retreats, sandy beach not flat ground, because of the friction function of sandy beach, 2 people's speed all greatly gives discount, but one Zhang is one Zhang, still keep weighing very much, he the purple Mou redden, tee off murderous look, really want to immediately kill her can not.
Leaf Wei also not resigned to playing second fiddle, is quick Zhang, malicious, quasi- and steady, first, a go toward unexpectedly don't fall in breeze.
The superior comes to grips, hundred percent dispassion, 100 centses of ability to make judgment, quickly recognize an oneself beneficial direction, this just probably wins, very obviously, they are the Jiao Jiao that the superior wins, this time intensive fighting compare any once all vigorous formely, good return to they just- meeteach other time, who also incognizant who, who don't show leniency as well, beat difficult solution difficult cent.
The one punch of Mo ? ruthlessly hits on her chest, she a feet don't show consideration ground to kick as well toward his forehead, first, on going toward, there are many places on two Human bodies getting wounded in action, leaf Wei is also a best, where all don't beat, specialized dynasty his face beats.And the habit of Mo ? is lower abdomen, chest and throat, all vital part, momentary who can not also have cheapness.
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????,Moncler Uomo Giubbotto?????????
"Bedlamite!"Again drive he failed one punch, painful get her viscera good all wring together, extremely suffered, larynx a sweet, overflow a few thrombus, leaf Wei is stupid to wipe to go, cannot help but scolding 1.
"To, I am really a bedlamite!"The Mo ? was also a Nu, and then ignore regardless of ground the dozen come over, leaf Wei doesn't avert from his Zhang and throw a fist dynasty his face up hit in the past, she win one punch, he also won an one punch.
2 people lift a hand to all not small,Doudoune Moncler Homme, all temporarily separate quite a few to tread, leaf Wei almost doesn't hestitate to want to pull out a gun, but sees his Yin Zhi and the look in the eyes of the exasperation, the hand stopped to descend.
The Mo ? sees clearly and sneer at, "pull out a gun, how don't pull out?"
"Lao Tze is happy!"Leaf Wei wipes again the blood stain of lips Cape, voice have a little hoarse, after all got the Mo ? quite a few boxing, internal injury, he also very not arrive where go to, be beaten by her on the face green purple.
"Hum,Moncler Italia!"The Mo ? coldly smiles, the Mou has gird, " leaf Wei, thank you, made me seeing pure a matter."
She is exactly scared, don't understand him she said what make her thus great anger, originally is fact, be not?Mo ? he dares to do and also fear that she says?Now peep out the facial expression of this vice- disappointment and exasperation again calculate what?
She the heart bottom also has a fury and coldly throw down a ,???????????, "Don't mention it!"
Mo ? heavy idea of Mou Nu rises again, the but again is ruthlessly pressed down by him, consistent noodles the expressionless face Yin must be able to be come with drop water, his Nu is the most anti- to smile, "if I wanted to kill you, you early died."
She doesn't talk language not, it is a golden virtue to keep silent, just sneer at in the heart, didn't say what.
The sea breeze blows, the wave roars, two views are tough to is to bump together, who Be not willing to show weak penny, either, see, who also

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????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????,Piumino Moncler Uomo?????????????????????
A ."The air of old man's house deeply wears satisfied for several cents, obviously like to say this matter very much, " we want to greatly put Yan not to say and also want to invite three greatest troupes in the Yan city to all sing an opera when the time comes..."Make reference to here, "" a , to 11, " you remembered and appreciated the person's silver Guo son Zhu 5,002, want ?only come of, all offer reward.Have already taken out in silver from my body..."
??????????????????????????????????????????????????,Moncler Veste Femme??
"Need not so many!"11 Niangs frighten a to greatly jump, this a little bit outran normal scope, " cans not use your body, either the silver is already.We come to be."
"You are yours, I am mine."Too the madam is upset,Doudoune Moncler Femme, " this is my to beat to appreciate..."
Too madam says words over there, five madam the air is faintly some.
Is 12-year-old to all direct to make although is little, can this big thousand worldses,?????? ??, anything-goes, be like her son-in-law, first anniversary of time inheritted a job, similar is positive four articleses, who dare to say again is the nobody similar to her son-in-law?
She didn't realize and took to envy for several cents in her facial expression.
Slowly the family suppress heart in of the joy wait Imperial decree, 11 Niangs still make the ear listen to outside of news.
Have no for several days, win a mountain Hou house,?????????, the wedding that all started giving a person to tactfully start to ask princess royal toward the empress empress in Hou house in the south of town.Even always the town settle self-composed, low-key the male mansions astringently settling a country all sat not to live, country Mr. the madam visit 11 Niangs in person, underlying beg 11 Niangs to do agent.
Matter to a graveness, she and Xu Ling Yi's amount of company:"I want don't temple?"
"Go, how don't go?"Xu Ling Yi says with smile, " you don't go, didn't give offense to Zheng Jia?Besides this kind of matter we don't can make a lord again and go with don't go, not just the emperor and empress empress is a words, I also can take a words."
11 Niangs smiled to pass brand to enter a temple.
The empress empress is just slanting the Luo man in the warm Ge bed top and Huang Xian Ying speak words, see she come and let the maid-in-waiting move a brocade the Wu put in the bedside, way:"You come at the right moment!Spread an aim after ten days, sincerely does elder brother's son rush through to regain?"
11 Niangs calculated to calculate a day, "should be able to rush through back!"
"That again lead 15 days spread an aim!"The empress empress says with smile:"Time grows, sincerely elder brother's son can be also calmly some."And then way, " he if come back, you make him enter a temple a , celebrated the New Year quickly, I was another to offer reward to give him here."
11 Niang favour generation sincerely elder brother son way thank.
The empress empress says with smile:" Must early and rather come at opportune moment, I am picking a person of accommodation for princess royal, you also listen to and see which accommodation."Then signal hint Huang Xian Ying to continue to say.
11 Niangs don't have opportunity elucidation purpose, calm down to come to carefully listen to Huang Xian Ying speaking.
There aring still more than 20 around having of the idea of princess royals is all second son or young child of house of high ministers of rank.There are several kids of house, also really pick.
The empress empress is also very satisfied of appearance.Treat Huang Xian Ying to finish speaking, she asks 11 Niangs:"You say being the trousseau that widely buys 10,000 acres of good farms for princess royal in the lake good?Is good still in Shandong?"
The openings is 10,000 acres..Is really generous!
"It is each to have each advantage."11 Niangs say with smile:"The lake is widely a land of plenty, products in Shandong is big,?2?????????_775,

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